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Data entry and data management for the FS882 HRE 2008/03 Ecosystem Field Form can be done using VPro 07 and Microsoft Access 2007.  To install simply extract to a folder and double-click the "VPro07.accdb" file.

Download VPro 07 

 For machines that don't have mscomctl.ocx installed please install first.  To register mscomctl.ocx, copy the file to your system32 directory and type the command "regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx" into the run box.

Runtime Version.  If you don't have Microsoft Access 2007 and need to enter data, try our FS882 program.  There's sure to be a flavour to suit you.

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  For machines that do have mscomctl.ocx installed:


Note:  there are Excel add-ins included in this installation.  Please add them to Excel manually.

Diagnostic and Veg Guide Summary

Single Level Diagnostics

SL Diagnostic Instructions.pdf

This page last updated Sept. 25, 2020

Russell Klassen
Data Consultant