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VUnits Service Packs

The service packs listed below before 2013 are for the old 2009 version of VUnits.  Please apply >= 2013 service packs to the new version of VUnits.

VUnits service packs are actually executable databases that contain components that either update VUnits.mdb or its support mda files.  When you open the service pack a dialog box will open giving a brief description and a continue button.  Clicking the continue button will usually prompt you to browse for the file indicated in the description.

Service Pack Date Description July 11, 2011 Contains code modules that fix issues with VUnits.mdb July 26, 2011 Generates module service information Aug. 15, 2011 Changes to lumping and makes lumping the default on importing Nov. 3, 2011 Changes lumping method to DISTINCTROW from DISTINCT Dec. 3, 2011 Changes to labels and classification systems.  Changes to Refs. page breaks Dec. 12, 2011 Changes to English and French labels, changes to option forms Dec. 13, 2011 Changes to table "tblClassificationSystems" Jan. 6, 2012 Lumping module fix? Jan. 20, 2012 Replaces module for generating the veg page Feb. 8, 2012 Replaces module for generating the veg page Feb. 28, 2012 Modules for veg and refs pages May 1, 2012 Fix the small header on the refs page Sept. 17, 2012 2 new veg footnotes, new line in refs page Sept. 28, 2012 super script & language changes Oct. 1, 2012 Removes a comma from a French sentence on the refs page Oct. 29, 2012 Fix to pages 3 & 4 & About dialog. Nov. 27, 2013 Fixes picture problems with Excel 2010. Apr. 23, 2015 Changes Forêt ouverte to Terre boisée May 28, 2015 Pic 2 is now the edatopic grid Aug. 10, 2017 Add a field for Yukon bioclimate data Aug. 25, 2017 Removes use of flex grid Aug. 28, 2017 Fixes a problem on the distribution output page Sep. 26, 2017 Fixes picture problem on site/soil page