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New program structure:  VPro CE is distributed in a couple of different configurations to suit different field data collection methods.

In the first method all the forms are connected to one database, suitable for crews with one handheld.  If this best describes your method then download VProCeFullInstall23May2006.zip


Installation instructions for VProCeFullInstall23May2006.zip


The second method is best suited for crews that have multiple handhelds and collect different data elements simultaneously.  In this case the data is collected and stored in different databases and is stitched together later to form a single VPro project.

This zip file contains the files needed to install the forms and database for soil data collection : VProCeSoil13May2007.zip

Proposed new soil table and pick list items/format VProCeSoil-NewTableFormats.zip

This zip file contains just the proposed new Trees table: VProCeTrees.zip

This zip file contains just the proposed new CWD table: VProCeCWD.zip

This zip file contains just the proposed new Env table: VProCeEnv.zip

Below is an update for VPro XP that adds the ability to change species lists using methods similar to VPro 03.  You will need to manually open the form "frmExportVProCeSppLists"


Last edited on July 25, 2008